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Two minutes out, you say, This isn’t so bad. Five minutes later, you’ve lost feeling in your fingers, your umbrella is permanently inside out, and you realize it’s time to revise your plans and head home.

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snowy st

A snowy street. Roads are passable, but intersections are a slushy mess. This neighborhood got about 6 inches. The school kids got lucky, because normally they wouldn’t declare a snow day for this amount of snow.

fire call boxAnother police and fire call box, of the old timey variety. The red contrasts nicely with the white snow. The snow has stopped, but the day has a gray feeling.

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Firemen fighting hunger, not fire, at the grocery store. I hear they have a nice bundt cake at Foodt.

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snow commute

Right in my eye

This is what it looks like outside this evening. A familiar scene; kinda pretty, though.

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yard statues

Here in Brooklyn, there’s a long tradition of front yard statues. Usually, they represent Catholic saints. When a partly buried bathtub provides protection and shelter for a figure of Jesus’ mother, it is known as Mary on the Halfshell. This duo is unusual because that’s Buddha under the blue.

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When are they going to take down those snowflakes on the lightpoles along Seventh Avenue? (I’m not even going to ask what’s up with those persistent small snowfalls of the last couple weeks.)

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A tasty little snow


Rather than dwell on the weather and my frozen fingers, I’m thinking that this manhole looks like a giant cookie, the bottom of an Oreo with the top half and frosting removed.

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Adams Street at Tillary

Brooklyn Bridge in background.

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The storm begins


It’s not supposed to be too bad. Snow, then some frozen rain. A good night to stay in, for sure.

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The middle of the afternoon; it’s looking kind of gray, and a light snow is coming down. They say the wind and temperatures are what will get us later, but I say The Heck With It! Go out and celebrate. Start soon, in case the weather forecasters are correct.

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