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It’s a heatwave weekend – temperature records are expected to be broken today. Spring is a pleasant season here in NYC, so it will be nice to return to seasonal weather in a few days.

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Pink tree

squint to see

Rain, rain, enough already!

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Take care of your needs elsewhere. No Please or Thank You, just do as you are asked.

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No more ice


The last frost warnings for NYC coincide with tax day, April 15, that’s how I remember it. The chance for ice on the lake in Prospect Park is about zero, so it’s definitely time to put away the ice ladders for the season.

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lawn ornaments

Cast cement would be the perfect medium for these lawn ornaments, but they are still a nice decoration until the grass and flowers come in. I like the juxtaposition of the inanimate, man-made objects with the naturalness of the yard and flower bed. In person, the little robot looks more dog-like, as if it’s the pet of the big one.

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spring flowers

Signs of spring:  those yellow, purple, and white flowers that start appearing in March … crocuses or croci, call them what you will. The cement bunnies had to endure the winter, but they look just right with the flowers.

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Ah, those greedy scavengers, I love them! Today is the first day spring. Winter was cruel, so there will be some celebrating when the warmer weather arrives. Today I may make like Mary Tyler Moore and toss half my sandwich into the air and watch the birds go mad (yes, even for peanut butter). Next stop: summer!

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