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Ah, those greedy scavengers, I love them! Today is the first day spring. Winter was cruel, so there will be some celebrating when the warmer weather arrives. Today I may make like Mary Tyler Moore and toss half my sandwich into the air and watch the birds go mad (yes, even for peanut butter). Next stop: summer!

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metrotech art

(With apologies to Tennessee Williams.) Few go out of their way to visit Metrotech, so when you find yourself there looking at a great installation, it’s a surprise that can almost take your breath away. With 3-6 inches of snow predicted, I am remembering fondly an oppressively hot Saturday when a friend from out of town and I were sitting on the benches under the trees eating scrambled egg on bagel sandwiches (unavailable anywhere else in the US according to her) when we looked up and noticed the artwork.

Tony Feher’s piece, A Little Bird Told Me, consisted of plastic water bottles partly filled with red liquid draped above reach over branches of seven trees. The bright bottles looked fruitlike, as if they belonged there, despite their obvious artificialness. Not quite cartoonish, the colorful bottles were a playful presence.

The Public Art Fund does an outstanding job putting together art shows at Metrotech. Say the heck with the weather. Take a detour, especially on a weekend, when it’s deserted, to see what’s on display.

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