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soda crates

On the side of Food Town there’s a Dada-ist assemblage which doubles as a makeshift cellar cover. I like the collision of art and practicality. To me it’s sculpture; to the put-upon store manager, it’s necessity, until repairs can be made.

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cupcakish things

Tis the season for rebirth, renewal, and imitations of better-known products that have been re-tooled to fit the occasion. I’m pretty sure Hostess Sno Balls come in shades other than pink, but Mrs. Freshley’s is making the bigger push for Easter. When Christmas rolls around again, they can change the cello wrap and call it a stubby snow man. These might just be the Fudgie the Whale (i.e., Cookiepuss, etc.) of the snack cake world.

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Tomato products, as far as the eye can see – as a culture we’re mad for them. Our taste has evolved, though. Salsa has been outselling ketchup in the US for several years. With canned tomatoes, the decision to buy one over another comes down to brand familiarity, label appearance, and whether anything is on sale (the store brand is always cheapest, but mediocre).

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