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waiting for something to happen

There’s a store for rent on Seventh Avenue where the lights are left on all the time.

the storeThe place looks like the previous tenants left in a hurry. Maybe they fled and left the lights on to trick the landlord.

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standard cruiser

Just an average citizen am I, observing the police through the cover of a two bushes. They are parked in front of the gas station convenience store. A place of neither loiterers nor malingerers, the officers are probably just shopping for snacks.

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Valentine’s Day:  love it, hate it, or go along with it. It doesn’t hurt to do a little planning, no matter what your feelings are. Some florists will assist the extra-organized by selling flowers that will look as good in a month as they do today.

I’m not sure the purpose of the surveillance camera picture in the shop’s window. You hand over the flowers or teddy bear to your honey then set up a spy camera so you can check on his or her reaction a few hours later?

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