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view from our table

At Kappa Sake, service was so slow we had time to ponder the beverage then look out the window and see what was going on in the neighborhood. Back at the restaurant, there were two guys sitting at the bar and one other table with people eating. Not a good sign. We were not entirely surprised when the waitress informed us we couldn’t have ginger with our sushi because they don’t serve it. Finally, we caught on – this dining experience was not about us.

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It’s neither good nor bad, but sometimes okay will suffice, even when it comes to sushi. Oshima, in Park Slope, is one of many places in the area to eat. I’ve been there a number of times because it’s convenient (the only Japanese food for a couple blocks), and a friend likes it. After every meal there, we comment, that wasn’t bad, they were a little rude. We’ll be back again.

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