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don't drink the water

The Canada geese don’t know or care that the lake in Prospect Park is called Swan Lake. The local swans, not timid creatures themselves, are wildly outnumbered by their feathered brethren. These geese are taking a break from messing up the park’s grass and looking for food.

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Swan Lake

A few feet of shoreline were free of people, otherwise, the place was packed! You couldn’t walk two feet without bumping into a barbecue. A father and daughter tried to coax a soccer ball and a balloon back to shore. Nearby, a boombox was playing Michael Jackson for all to hear. That was the soundtrack of the day.

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Ah, those greedy scavengers, I love them! Today is the first day spring. Winter was cruel, so there will be some celebrating when the warmer weather arrives. Today I may make like Mary Tyler Moore and toss half my sandwich into the air and watch the birds go mad (yes, even for peanut butter). Next stop: summer!

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