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And everyday’s a party at Tim Hortons on Court Street. The references to cold weather are lost on us, though, because it’s been so warm this fall. We don’t need our Timperature adjusted.

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When you rush in for a coffee from Tim Hortons, you don’t really notice the atmosphere. On a slow day, that’s all there is:  dreariness and doughnuts. Venture further back for hot dogs, fried chicken, and pizza. The health department doesn’t seem to know about this place.

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Canadian style

Tim Hortons

Eleven Tim Hortons have recently taken over Dunkin Donuts outlets in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The doughnut chain founded by a hockey player has 400 stores across the US, 2,800 in Canada. I tried the coffee, found it so-so, but was happy that, unlike Dunkin’s, it wasn’t served in styrofoam. On another visit to Tim’s, the doughnut aficionado with me declared that the sprinkles on the top of a raised doughnut were shockingly chewy. The body of the doughnut, though, was fluffy, fresh, and quite tasty. (I was allowed a small bite.) So far, there’s no clear winner in the battle of Tim Hortons vs. Dunkin Donuts.

the usual

Dunkin Donuts

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