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tires must go

But if you see the words “llantas usadas,” don’t buy them – “used” and “tires” do not belong together in any language. Though many stores put up “everything must go” notices just to make some sales, this sign seems real. Or maybe I’m falling for the awkward charm of the backwards N’s.

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near a trash can

one not real

The wind and rain Friday were cruel to umbrellas. I saw the bottom tire first, and the battered umbrella a few yards away, which transformed it into a cartoony wheel like you’d find on an all terrain vehicle.

leaning on a trash can

but the other is

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black rubber donuts

This set-up looks suspicious. It’s dark and no one’s around. I think the policy should be, if the tire fits, help yourself. Same thing goes if you want a low-rent planter for your pansies.

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tire shop

Danny's Tire & Rim Shop, Fourth Ave.

Regrets, I’ve had a few. By the time I win the lottery and can afford them, spinning rims will be totally, 100% out of fashion.

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