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The sun is out at the moment, for the first time in a few days. Good news for those who bought cheap umbrellas like this, which work best in drizzle when there is no breeze, earlier in the week.

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The wind was so fierce yesterday umbrellas required a two-handed grip. By the evening rush, the storm was over, and umbrella casualties by the dozen littered the sidewalks.

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near a trash can

one not real

The wind and rain Friday were cruel to umbrellas. I saw the bottom tire first, and the battered umbrella a few yards away, which transformed it into a cartoony wheel like you’d find on an all terrain vehicle.

leaning on a trash can

but the other is

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tree in bloom

Brooklyn’s in bloom and looking great, even in the drizzle. I think this is a pear tree. No telling where the rest of the umbrella ended up – probably stomped to death on the sidewalk following a malfunction.

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