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The sun is out, the highway’s not crowded and there’s no roadwork… this is a holiday! Enjoy the long weekend.

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There is one positive side effect of the temporary bridge at the Fourth Avenue stop on the F and G Trains – the view. This is looking south, toward the Verrazano and Bay Ridge.

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A beautiful sunset. The Verrazano is visible in the distance, at the left. And those twig shapes on the rooftops? Old TV antennas. Ask your parents about them and the role of aluminum foil in television reception.

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The little green men will arrive another day – the streaky lights in this sky are not something to get excited about. Planes flying into the NYC airports come in over the Verrazano, to the left of the picture, then over Brooklyn. Sometimes six or more are visible.

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When this diner was built, the owners looked around and wondered, “What are we going to call our restaurant?” Third Avenue, Bay Ridge, in the high-numbered streets, is not the most exciting neighborhood. Then the Verrazano Bridge caught their eye and the matter was settled.  The Bridgeview has the requisite multi-page, laminated menu with thousands of options, ridiculously cheap cocktails, and breakfast all day. And there’s a case of cakes and other fancy desserts that taste especially good eaten at a vinyl-upholstered booth.


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This group traveled a long distance to get to this scrappy park along the Belt Parkway. I personally like the look of the container ship, but in the background of their pictures was the Verrazano Bridge.


looking north

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viewing hole

The Fourth Avenue subway stop on the F Train sits on a bridge over the roadway. Long ago, a hole got punched in its metal side, providing a view of traffic looking south. It’s an interesting spot to take pictures, sort of like a big, jagged pinhole lens.


Recently the pink graffiti appeared. On the tan paint, in fainter blue pen, it says, “See the world.” Or maybe the Verrazano on a clear day?

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