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look out

It’s a hole in the fence at Brooklyn Bridge Park, on the way to the foot bridge. The view is not pointing the usual way, toward Manhattan and the river, but to Brooklyn Heights.

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Call it what you will, but the opening in the bridge over Fourth Avenue that used to be the size of a piece of bread suddenly grew as large as a window. The next move is up to the MTA. It’s still a nice place to snap a picture, so I hope it’s not repaired anytime soon.

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4th Ave.

Next to the large hole in subway bridge over Fourth Avenue, there’s a small, round one that looks like a bullet hole. Peering through it is a way to see what’s going on out on the street, pass some time while waiting for the F or G train. Not much is happening during this summer rush hour.

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the whole street

The “You go girl” graffitti is gone, painted over, but the hole in the side of the F Train bridge over Fourth Avenue remains. For some reason, I thought they’d repaired it, but I was mistaken. I’m glad the MTA has other priorities, as I’m rather fond of the serendipitous view.

view 2

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