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Hinsch’s has been serving ice cream for more than sixty years, but word is, they’re coasting on the old school look in order to get away with ordinary food and service. It’s true that the words diner and outstanding are rarely used in the same sentence….

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sad lab

Tony Matelli’s Stray Dog, at Metrotech, is an effective piece of public art. It’s not overly complicated yet elicits varied emotional reactions. Small kids love to climb on the sculpture because it’s a life-size, immobile dog. Older viewers respond to the dog’s expression and the harness on its back. You feel the loss while being aware of the manipulation of the piece.

Last time I saw the sculpture, when I was at Metrotech visiting the waffle, the dog looked even more forlorn, standing in snow and covered in schmutz up to his knees.

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Sculpture at Metrotech by Martha Friedman

Other than that new Dunkin Donuts waffle sandwich that just seems wrong, who doesn’t like waffles? There’s a slice off the side of this 7-foot tall waffle that implies human tampering, or it could be melting. Friedman’s waffle is also a neat comment on the ubiquitous grid of modern art.

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Dig the wall decals.

Cold weather means lingering in restaurants, like this gigantic diner, the Park Plaza, at Cadman Plaza on Court Street, Brooklyn Heights. For each of the hundred of seats, there is a matching pastry or sweet. Everywhere you look there is a case lined with cakes, muffins, cookies, cheesecakes, and danish. They even have petit fours! Pies, brownies, and dozens more.

french friesI like to look at the treats, but they don’t entice. My favorite is a waffle; when salt calls my name, french fries and ketchup do just fine.

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