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This covered walkway at 500 Fourth Avenue is gone, and now they’re re-doing the sidewalk. The walkway was always well-lit, and never scary after dark, but that also meant you could read the obscene graffiti at all hours. I made the photo blurry so you wouldn’t have to.

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this way

Since Fourth Avenue got re-zoned for taller buildings a few years ago, pedestrians have had to deal with detours at the numerous construction sites.

The rectangular slab at 500 Fourth Ave., at 12th Street, is a Robert Scarano project. If you read Brownstoner, Curbed, or any of the other real estate blogs, you know his shady reputation for skirting rules, unsafe working conditions, and run-ins with authorities. It’s no surprise that the signage (no doubt required by law) is an afterthought.

all the way around the block

This is how it looked a couple weeks ago. If you can’t walk on the other side of the street, just follow your instincts and the path in front of you rather than the directions.

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