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check cashing on left

4th Ave. and 9th Street

Egads! The rain, the humidity … lately it hasn’t been nonstop, but the storms can be as intense as they are annoying.

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No more ice


The last frost warnings for NYC coincide with tax day, April 15, that’s how I remember it. The chance for ice on the lake in Prospect Park is about zero, so it’s definitely time to put away the ice ladders for the season.

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prospect park

Around the lake in Prospect Park

The day was gorgeous to the nth degree. And I’m not saying that just because it’s rainy and dreary today.

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riding shotgun

It seems like it’s been raining a lot lately, but the weather reporters say we should have had five more inches of precipitation by this time of year.

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snowy roadway

DOT decently called off Friday alternate side parking yesterday.

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