jackfruit season

You mean, because they’re jackfruits? It’s not the first time I’ve had trouble identifying these things. Their ginormousness threw me off. Get one today to feed your village.

You’ve been warned

they mean it

The police department isn’t saying why there’s no parking on Court Street and in front of the Municipal Building; they don’t have to. I like the personal, handwritten touch: Tow Away, 8 AM.

More snow, maybe

running empty

I close my eyes and I see snow. There may be more this weekend, on Sunday. Maybe then we’ll get to have some spring?

Tree mitten

hi there

On a related topic, the weekend thaw of the snow piles has resulted in a surprising amount of garbage and gloves on the sidewalk. I think there’s a connection between the litter and the gloves, but I can’t be sure.

Snow out the window


There’s something optimistic about a snowfall. We’re turned into eternal kids who are hoping for the word that school is cancelled. NYC public schools already had a snow day this year; don’t know if we’ll see another.

looking west

The Cadman area, with Manhattan in the distance. I especially notice two things: the huge apartment buildings on the left, and the soccer field, which is forgotten except by those who use it.

Do not attempt this

your food

What should you do? Restaurants need customers on days like this, but it’s painful to see the delivery guys riding bikes and scooters on snowy streets. The temperature is about 15, so going to pick up the food is not an option.


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